Find an On-Campus or Off-Campus LifeGroup that fits your current walk in life.

On-Campus LifeGroups

Our On-Campus LifeGroup Ministry is, at this point, our largest gathering of adults in our Education Ministry. It is our prayer that our Adult Lifegroups will be in a worship service, be faithful in their LifeGroup, and then discover a place to serve the Lord. We have many options for individuals to connect to a group.

We have our major area divisions of our On-Campus LifeGroups listed below. If you are looking for a group, select the group that best matches where you are now in age and stage of life. When you select the card, you can discover where the class is located and which hour it meets.

In each case, if you would like to receive more information regarding our On-Campus LifeGroup ministry, you can email Kirsten or phone the church at (904) 642-2288.

Off-Campus or Other-Than-Sunday-Morning LifeGroups

We have groups that meet on Sunday Evening and different days of the week. From young adult couples to empty nesters, we have a group for the stage of life you're in. 

You can learn more by emailing Kirsten or calling the church at (904) 642-2288.