Pastoral Counseling Ministry

Helping People Cope More Effectively with the Contemporary Issues of Life.

Pastoral Counseling Ministry

Since 1999, Shepherd’s Staff Pastoral Counseling Service has provided support for individuals, married couples, families and parent/teen issues to bring help, hope and healing when life’s challenges feel overwhelming. 

Feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, worried, or concerned about conflict in your marriage or family between you and your teenage children? Call for an appointment and get the help you need. We will work with you to help address and resolve personal, marital and family conflict.

Confidentiality: Counseling is a confidential process. Information you share in counseling will not be disclosed outside of the counseling office without your written permission (except when a failure to disclose information could result in physical harm to you or others).

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Carl Kyle is available by appointment only and can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time by calling or stopping by the church office. Fees are paid to the church when services are rendered. $80 per session.

Phone: (904) 493-2127

E-Mail: [email protected] 

Carl Kyle

Carl Kyle, DMin, MEd, LMHC is an ordained minister and licensed mental health counselor with the State of Florida. As a pastoral counselor, he is both psychologically and theologically trained to address personal and relational issues using secular methods and spiritual insight.