Angel Arms

Perfect volunteer opportunity for adults. Next meeting Monday, October 9.

What is Angel Arms:

  • Angel Arms is a ministry that makes and delivers crocheted blankets and sewn receiving blankets to babies in NIC units at local hospitals, as well as new babies born into the Fort Caroline Baptist Church family.
  • The ministry also sews and delivers caps to oncology patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatments and seat belt pillows to those using a port.
  • In 2021, Angel Arms made and distributed:
  • 333 crocheted & receiving blankets
  • 1,308 chemotherapy caps

When Does Angel Arms Meet:

  • Angel Arms meets in the Fellowship Hall the first or second Monday of each month from 6-7 PM.
  • Everyone is welcome. During that time, you can work on your projects or help bag and tag the items in preparation for them to be donated. At the end of every meeting, the Angel Arms team prays over the blankets and caps to bless them and their recipients. 

Get Involved:

  • More hands and volunteers are always needed for this essential ministry. Come to a meeting and volunteer.
  • Financial donations for materials would greatly help Angel Arms with the continued rising cost of materials (gift cards to Joanne's, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's).
  • For information about the ministry contact ministry leader Amber Mullineaux at [email protected] or 904.625.2049

Angel Arms in Action

Watch how Angel Arms blessed Heather during her cancer journey.