Photo Team

See the world through a whole new lens

Why Do We Have a Photo Team?

Photography allows people to visit us before they physically visit us. Going to a church for the first time can be a fearful thing for many people. By showing our church through photography, people can see inside and have their fears eased. They can see a bit of what to expect, which means having a much greater chance of them visiting in-person.

Photography tells a story and helps us connect with people. Our photos and videos tell stories of life change at Fort Caroline and in the community. People can connect with stories. We get the awesome opportunity to capture God's work through a camera lens.

Photography is a form of worship. God has given us eyes to see and a heart to capture it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then every photo we take has the ability to speak thousands of words into the lives of people we will never know. Being on the photo team is a way of using God-given creativity and talents back to the Lord.

Let Us Know You're Interested

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