Sermon Notes

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Mosaic: How God Fashions Broken People into a Beautiful Work of Art

Guest Speaker: Chris Bontz

August 25, 2019

1 Peter 2:1-12 (ESV)

I. God Empowers Us to Grow in Grace


           A. Put Away the Old Self (v.1)

           B. Pursue God’s Word (v. 2)

           C. Plan to Grow (v.3)

II. God Enables Us to Live as His People (2:4-10)


           A. Worship through Service

           B. Walk in Holiness 

           C. Witness to God’s Greatness

III. God Exhorts Us to Live on Mission (2:11-12)


           A. Remember, You Used to be Far from God (v.10)

           B. Remember, God Has Given You a Mission (v.11)

           C. Remember, the World Is Watching (v.12)