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Student Lesson for April 11

Transit Middle School

A 3-week series about Easter.


Easter reminds us we’re forgiven no matter what. 


John 21:15-17 NLT

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Impact High School

It can be easy to forget who God really is sometimes. And it can be even easier for your students to forget who they really are, too! But every year at Easter, we get the chance to point them back to what God did thousands of years ago to remind us not only who He really is, but who we really are because of Him. Loved, important, forgiven—Jesus’ death and resurrection shows us we’re all that and more to Him. In this series, we’ll remind students what they can know to be true about themselves because of the gift we celebrate at Easter—Jesus’ resurrection and after life!


Because of the resurrection, Peter knew he was forgiven.


John 21:15-17 NIV

For this week's teaching video, please check our YouTube channel.

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