Pastor Search FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to our search.


How long will the search process take?

While there is no way to know for certain how long the search process will take, according to the search firm Vanderbloemen Search Group, the average length of a Lead Pastor search process is typically between 6-18 months. The Pastor Search Team will commit to a thorough search for the next Lead Pastor of Fort Caroline Baptist Church.

How can I send a resume or recommend someone to be considered?

When the Pastor Search Team begins considering candidates, they will communicate in this space the way to send in a resume or recommend someone.

What information will you seek to collect from the congregation?

The Pastor Search Team will send out a congregation-wide survey to gather your input on what you would like to see in our next pastor. That input will include things like your preferred age, experience level, education level, and skillset.

Will you share the names of those being considered?

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance throughout this process, so we will not be sharing the names of candidates either during the search process or after a pastor is called. It is essential to the search process that we maintain a high level of confidentiality so that congregations of prospective pastors do not “hear through the grapevine” that their pastor is considering serving another congregation. FCBC would not want anyone’s career to be negatively impacted because of a breach of confidentiality.

How will the Pastor Search Team communicate with the congregation?

The Pastor Search Team is committed to keeping the congregation informed about the search process to the best of our ability. We will provide information on, during Sunday services, and via the Friday eNews. There will be a time during the process, however, when confidentiality requirements will prevent us from sharing details of our work. We encourage you to share your comments, questions and suggestions with us at any time, but please understand that at some point we may not be able to respond with detailed information.

If you have additional questions, just fill out the form below and we'll do our best to answer you as soon as we can.