Growth Track Step Two

Discover Your Design

Growth Track is our pathway to church membership and to growing in Christ through hybrid multi-session courses. This Step will help person's discover his or her spiritual gift(s), personality or temperament, educational and vocational skills that you possess, and an area where you may have a heart to serve.

This class is also a two part class. The second part will be about an hour long and will be a fun time to grow deeper in faith, to learn from one another, and urge persons to take the next step which is Growth Track Step Three - Develop Your Leadership. In Step Three, we will work with you, taking the results from Step Two and narrowing down an area where you feel God is leading you to develop your leadership. We will focus on developing leadership in Guest Services, Adult LifeGroup Ministry, Student LifeGroup Ministry, Kids LifeGroup Ministry, and Preschool LifeGroup Ministry.

If you have completed Step One Membership or not you can enroll in this step. If you desire to complete Growth Track Step One Membership, first, then you can do that as well, however you will need to go back to the Step One Enrollment area. Please share your name, email address, and then select submit.