Growth Track

Take your next step at Fort Caroline.

Growth Track is our pathway to church membership and maturing in Christ through hybrid multi-session courses. The first of these steps is Membership. This course is necessary to join Fort Caroline as a member and is in two parts. The first part is completed online and is self-paced. The second part of the course will be in person with a small group of 6-10 individuals who have also completed the online portion and is about an hour long. The next step which is Discover Your Design. The next two steps after that are Develop Your Leadership and Living On Mission.

Most of the Growth Track classes will have a part that is completed online and a part that is completed in person. We ask that you complete Step One - Membership first and then you can complete the others as they become available. However, if you are already a member of Fort Caroline you can complete steps two through four at any time, as they are available.

You can enroll in Step One - Membership by entering your name and email address in the space below. If you have completed Step One or you want to discover ways to serve, then select the Growth Track Step Two Card and enroll in Step Two.