30 Days with the Father

Join us for 30 days of prayer in August.

Pastor Ricky is spending the month of August spiritually seeking the Father and His will for our congregation. While he is away, he is calling our congregation to a 30-day time of prayer for spiritual guidance, renewal, and unity.

During the month of August, will you commit to praying and letting God have His will and way in your life and in our (His) church?

The following guide presents a Scripture to read and meditate on, and a prayer to pray. We believe the power to accomplish great things for the Lord and for His glory is available when we humble ourselves before Him. We also believe God wants to revive our church for a new day where we serve as ONE reaching our community. Beginning August 1, join us for "30 Days with the Father."

Where to get your prayer guide

Pick up your prayer guide on Sundays in August:

The "30 Days with the Father" Prayer Guides can be picked up any Sunday during the month of August in the back of the Worship Center. Spanish Prayer Guides can be picked up during the Spanish Services in the Loft on Sundays at 11:30 a.m.

Click to download a printable PDF of the Prayer Guide:

English or Spanish